Red Valley Perú

January 3, 2020

Red Valley Perú

The Red Valley Peru, is a tourist attraction that is located very close to the Vinicunca mountain of Cusco, is an impressive place, besides that, there are few people visiting it.

Red Valley Perú
Red Valley Perú

You can get there in different ways, but the easiest one is by combining the tour: Mountain of 7 colors with return by red valley.

Below we explain in detail about this place:


It is located in Cusco – Peru, very close to the Vinicunca, the mountain of 7 colors.

What is Red Valley?

It is a valley of red mountains dotted with green and gray. The view is endless.
It is a super quiet place, since few tourists visit it, and that makes it a pleasant visit.

It is just above the last point of the horse on the way to the final climb of the mountain you see a small route on the left like a rope. In the distance it leads to a ridge, that is where the Red Valley checkpoint is located. After paying 10 soles, you already have a perfect view, but you can go down a little bit to the viewpoint. Optionally, you can also climb the mountain there.

How to go to Red Valley?

The best way to get to this amazing place is by doing the 7 color mountain tour extension, it will depend on your agency the additional cost they give to this tour.

Ways to book a tour to Red Valley

The first and best option, as indicated above, is to do the Vinicunca + Red Valley tour, most agencies have this option, you just have to increase an additional amount.

Best time to go to Red Valley

At an altitude of around 5000 metres above sea level, the weather is unpredictable, even in the well-defined seasons, which are: Rainy and dry seasons.

But, the best months are from April to the beginning of October, which is the dry season, and the other months (October to April), the climate is very changeable, many times you will not be able to access the red valley in Peru for security reasons.

During the rainy months, some days, the mountain may be covered with snow, but this makes for some incredible views of the Red Valley and Vinicunca, so, don’t be discouraged by the blos that say you will only see snow and snow.

What to bring to Red Valley Cusco

Just like for a visit to Rainbow Mountain, make sure you are prepared for the altitude. Try to acclimatize before you go. Flying from Lima to Cusco and hiking to 5100m the next day is not a good idea. Also, take your altitude pills already in Cusco so that they work once you arrive and bring some extra ones.

Red Valley from Vinicunca
Red Valley from Vinicunca

As for clothing, wear layers, dress warmly (hat and gloves) and bring sunscreen. Only in the rain, walking shoes are a must. If it is dry, you can bring your Nike. Bring some nice snacks (although breakfast is quite full), or a thermos with coca tea to enjoy the view. Finally, it’s great to bring some money to tip the cooks and the driver.

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